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Stay warm this first day of classes Dawgs! Hope everyone has a great semester!! Can’t wait to see everyone

Winter break calls for adventure and our brothers know where to find it. Happy Holidays from the brothers of PSP! Have a safe and wonderful holiday season

BROTHERS. Just a reminder: you is smart, you is kind, you is important. Good luck with finals this coming week! Remember that your brothers are there for you and that when it’s all over you get to head home, have yourself a juice, snuggle with your blankie, and go nap nap. We got this!

Happy Dressember!! Three of our amazing brothers here at Beta have been participating in Dress December. Where they are wearing a dress every single day to advocate against human trafficking. You can help me by joining and advocating yourself, giving support and encouragement, or donating to the cause! Every little bit can change the world.

Beta also added three new alumni last night. They will all be graduating in the coming week. Paige will be finding a job in athletic training. Emily will be continuing here at Truman to get her Master if Education. And Nicole will be moving forward in her journey to becoming a doctor. You all will be very missed

We were able to help 77 foster children in Adair County receive Christmas gifts! The giving tree has been a tradition at Beta for years and we have helped 100s of children in Adair county

We don’t always dress up but when we do it’s usually for a pretty good reason. Thank you so much to the fellowship committee for putting on our formal this semester PSProm. You all did a wonderful job on making an amazing night for us all

Brothers, you had a Minute to Win It… And well, let’s just say you’re all winners

Many varsity athletes found their home in Beta. These brothers choose to spend their time when they are not with their team to be around the wonderful nerds of PSP. We have had brothers that have competed in six varsity sports here at Truman over the years. And over the years they have received many accolades for their talents on and off the field #dawgs

Here at Beta Chapter, we are an extremely diverse group of people. We are here to celebrate this diversity, and first off we have our three lovely brothers who are also part of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC)!They have joined for a number of reasons, including being able to give back to the United States while still getting an education. ROTC includes waking up early to go to physical training and participate in super labs. In addition, a few of our brothers are in the National Guard and they drill once a month for one whole weekend. In the summer, they drill for two weeks!Upon graduation, they will honored as Second Lieutenant in the Army and will serve at least eight years of active duty. ROTC is a challenging part of their lives, but the rewards outweigh the challenges they face. ROTC has become a second family to them. They wouldn’t trade it for the world, even if that means waking up at unreasonably early hours of the morning.

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