Phi Sigma Pi Beta Chapter

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The classified family is jumping for joy for the start of the initiate season️

Come find us on the quad today to learn about PSP and meet Bandit

Do you like learning new things? Of course you do you're a Truman student. Do you want to learn new things and not feel like you're learning things?? Of course you do you're a Truman student. Join us Thursday on the Quad to find some of the greatest and most intelligent Truman students around️ There may or may not be some sweet treats for you (We actually being the most intelligent is not a real fact, as a great professor of public speaking once said "72% of statistics are made up on the spot)

Join us…. (little green men from Toy Story voice)

I see no better way to spice up a room than with the best letters around

We (myself not so much included for obvious reason depicted above) play volleyball to bring out the most brotherly love

COMING SOON ️️️ to the mall near you Check out the finished product with in the next couple of days for information on rush week️

Come check out the PSP table at the activities fair today!!! It's one of the best choices the brothers have made while here at Truman

I hope week one of classes went well!! First chapter tomorrow night and I can't wait to see you all Have a great Sunday brothers

Happy second day of classes Beta!! Hope this semester is filled with love, laughter, and life Can't wait to see all of you next Monday at chapter!

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